V&N is a bar- and catering company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. We offer bartending services and service staff to all sorts of company events and private celebrations, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, launching events, office parties, conferences, and so on.


With our specially designed, well crafted cocktail bars, we make it possible for you to arrange a party or an event at the venue of your choice! We of course provide you with all bar equipment, glasses, cocktail ingredients and everything else that is needed. And we help you to create a drink menu of unique cocktails, according to your wishes and specifics. After the event we gather all leftovers and all refuse, and recycle it as far as possible.

We simply take care of everything - from beginning to end!


Bartending for all types of events

Portable cocktail bar

Serving staff


Glassware & Bar equipment

Cocktail ingredients

Specialized cocktail menu

Environmentally friendly

Take care of everything


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