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V&N, Viktor Haglund and Nikola Blagojevic. We were both born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Being childhood friends and attending school together, we both developed an interest for bartending not long after graduating.


 It all started in the restaurant business, working different positions at nightclubs, restaurants and cocktail bars all over Stockholm. In late 2011 we decided to move to Bangkok, Thailand, to gain more experience working internationally and improve as bartenders.

During our years in Bangkok, we have had the chance to work with many different bar teams, both local and foreign. Managing the bar at countless of various events all over Thailand and South East Asia, gaining plenty of experience and knowledge in bar managing.

Now residing in both Stockholm and Bangkok, we are able to offer our services in both countries. Providing the best tastes of the two cultures.


We started V&N Bar Management in early 2019, having done plenty of successful events ever since. Throughout the years we have learned that the most important thing when managing the bar, besides quality cocktails and great service, is to create an energetic and positive vibe behind the bar, so that the guests feel comfortable and fully can enjoy the event.

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